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THE BABES have been lucky enough to work with film director Maciej Bąkowski (Poland), Jaime Lara / Sebastian Maya / Ocre Tapes (Colombia) Lost Data Production and Tutek Chech(London).

Below you will find a variety of videos that encompass who The Babes are as a musical collective. Sit down, relax and enjoy it!

The Babes are not a political band, but we are not disconnected from reality either. CONDEMNED is the new  video clip of our Split album "JOINT" with Bristol legends DISORDER!(This is the short videoclip version) 
If you would like to see the full video click here:

Film Credits Script
(Guion): Jaime Lara
Director: Jaime Lara / Sebastian Maya G
Video Montage: Jaime Lara Corrección de Color: Sebastian Maya G
Camara y dirección de Fotografia: Ocre Tapes


Get in Touch

Video clip Directed by Maciej Bąkowski

Tomorrow Seems So Far Away

Get in Touch

Live at Rebellion Festival 2019, performing Tomorrow Seems So Far Away, Video by Diala Nammour.


Tomorrow Seems so far away

Get in Touch

For more videos, please get in touch today.

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