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T H E    B A B E S

The Babes first formed as a 3 piece band in 2015.  They play Hardcore-Crust-Celtic-Punk- DIY and are based in London. The guys met in the IMW sound engineering school: A group of misfits that wanted to play "Happy punk" type of music that bred in a garage in Twickenham, and before too long The Babes were delivered.

They play snotty, two fingers in the air Hardcore Punk Rock with bagpipes, bringing together Colombian, North American, and UK backgrounds and featuring ex-touring members of punk legends Total Chaos and Blitz.

Their released single "Tomorrow Seems So Far Away" was recorded in the same garage Mao & Matt rehearsed for the first time and features Theo Lucky 7 on guitars.  Theo Lucky 7 left the band a few days after recording the video due to "indifferences for not having enough treble in the guitars that were recorded for this song".  A month and 14 days later, The Babes went on their first tour called "The Babes invade Mainland Europe" where they had the opportunity to visit France, Germany, Belgium & Holland and toured with Saul Holden on guitars.

After this tour, The Babes performed without a guitarist staying as a 3 piece band for nearly 3 years.  The decision was made due to "2 guitarists flaking down on us".

Since then, The Babes self-released their debut album "Greetings from London" engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered at IMW Studios by Mao Holiday.  The only song with guitars on this album is "Tomorrow Seems So Far Away".  The Babes did 4 more European tours and were invited to perform at Rebellion Festival in 2018 (later on got invited as well for Rebellion '19 & '20)

In February 2018, Marvin, (drums) left The Babes. Steve (Gurgle) joined the band on 2 European tours and sadly calling it off the day before the last gig of their tour "Only Life We Know". It didn't stop The Babes to go on stage and performed their 30 minutes set with a drummer for a day.  Kike, aka "Kike-d ass" from the Mexican band Migraña Social.

On August 16th, 2018, Alberto "Animal" joined the band on drums. Also, The Babes decided to play with a guitarist again, introducing their 4th band member: Adriano the toxic waste, who joined the band on guitars on November 16/2018. Both, Animal and Adriano, played with Matt in "Apocalypse Addiction". This Babe's last lineup toured Europe once again and performed a badass gig in Rebellion 2019, taking revenge for what happened the year before.

Since the beginning, The Babes have been touring multiple times and different cities in France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Wales, Belgium, The Netherlands, Bretagne, and Mexico.

"No Mames Wey tour, Mexico 2019" was The Babes' last tour, performing on drums with Oscar Herbas (Scandals (Texas), Blitz, Warcola) playing 10 gigs total.  
The Babes have been sharing the stage with The Varukers, Icons of Filth, The Exploited, Disorder, Agathocles, Warwound, Anthrax, The Restarts, The Kids, Disturbance, Total Chaos, Omega Tribe, Blatoidea, Acidez, Human DogFood, Breakout, Hagar the Womb, Nausea Bomb, Lobotomia, Left for Dead, Jabul Gorba, Grand Collapse, Rabies Babies, The Nilz, Vomito Nuclear, Headsticks, and many other bands.

The Babes have been playing at Rebellion Festival, Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering  Festival, Convoy Cabaret, No Dirty Rules Fest, Morecambe Festival, Strive for Live Fest, Borderline Fest, and many other festivals.


Unfortunately, our brother, Matt Ren Ex, passed away on August 17th 2020. 

Matt was able to record with us Joint, a limited edition split 7" vinyl color with Bristol Legends 'Disorder'.
  On his honor, we also pressed 70 cassettes. 

The Babes also released a new video Clip CONDEMNED, directed by Jaime Lara & Sebastian Maya, you can watch it in our video page and also our YouTube channel

Since the departing of Our brother Matt Ren Ex, and after a over a year of hiatus, Mao Holiday will be the only core member, and will carry on in his own with his bagpipes and what he began with the support of Matt: The Babes. 

Adriano and Alberto decided to focus in their own music carrier, we wish them the best for their future projects.

See you in the pit!

Mao Holiday

The Babes


Photo top to bottom:

*Matt Ren Ex: Bass, vocals

*Marvin: Drums

*Mao Holiday: Bagpipe, vocals

The Babes are: 

Mao Holiday - Bagpipes, Vocals [Vox]

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